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Discover the secrets of developing a superior memory....

....and at the same time experience what it’s like to never forget a day in your life!

​​​​​​Think about this for a moment. What if you could actually remember every year, every month, every day and practically every single minute of your entire life?   Or one who never forgets a face?  What if you could put a name with every one of those faces?  And besides remembering their name, you could also remember their birthday, their anniversary, even their phone numbers?

Meet Bob Petrella.

Petrella, a standup comedian is one of only 50 people in the world diagnosed with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, (HSAM).     Give him ANY date from the past 45 years and most likely he can remember what he was doing or that day, or some world or national event that occurred around that time.

And when he remembers a date, he might call up a celebrity impression to accompany the day.  Like Bill Clinton's denial of sex with Monica Lewinsky (January 26, 1998). "I did not have sex with that woman.  Or Richard Nixon's "I'm not a crook" speech (November 17, 1973).  Or banter with the audience in a lively Q&A discussion.

Q:  "How does this affect your short-term memory?"

Petrella:  "I'm sorry.... what was your question."

He has been featured on "60 Minutes," (three times), "Nightline," and "The View," and can teach people the secrets of improving their memory.  

According to medical researchers, the potential to store information appears infinite. While Bob hasn't reached infinity, he can definitely help a person increase their memory power with several innovative techniques he has created on his own.

University of California at Irvine researchers have recently explored this extremely unusual phenomena and they have discovered that the part of the brain that retains memory (the caudate nucleus) for Mr. Petrella is actually SEVEN times larger than the average person.  The results of their intensive studies reveal that an HSAM individual has a nearly infinite potential to store and recall vast amounts of detailed information.

In 2008, a team of doctors and researchers at UC Irvine identified Bob Petrella as the fourth person known to have the rare ability of HSAM.    Currently Bob and others with HSAM are participating in a series of studies at UC Irvine in an attempt to try and find a link between their memory retention versus the debilitating memory loss triggered by devastating diseases as Alzheimer's and Dementia.  

How does HSAM affect individuals in their personal and professional lives?  What runs through their heads?  How does it work.  Bob will share all of that and more.

Unlike other people with advanced memory conditions, such as an autism or savant syndrome, who use mathematical calculation, individuals with HSAM rely heavily on their personal "mental calendar."   Most people store important information in their cell phones, like numbers, dates, reminders, directions, etc..  Those with HSAM merely "look up" the needed information -- somewhere in their brains.

Bob has incorporated his extraordinary talent into a multi-media speaking presentation that is highly entertaining and quite compelling.  It tells the story of Bob's journey through this amazing and, frankly, "memorable" world as well as demonstrating new memory techniques that have proven useful in improving a person's memory.

We invite those who are interested in learning about Bob's unique ability, to contact his publicist, Sue McHugh at 310-614-9414,  or for bookings.

It's an event... you will never forget!